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David Lebenbom, Founder

1925 - 2015

David Lebenbom was the senior partner of LEBENBOM & ROTHMAN, P.C., having begun his practice in 1953, after graduating with distinction from Columbia Law School, in New York City. In 1957 Mr. Lebenbom began his representation of our first long term care clients and has represented the long term care industry throughout his career to this day. David Lebenbom personally authored many of the laws affecting the industry during his membership on the Michigan Law Revision Commission from 1971 through 1991.

Throughout the years, David Lebenbom has represented our clients at every level of the judicial system, from the Administrative hearings level through the Supreme Court of the United States where his admission was sponsored by future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1965.

Mr. Lebenbom has regularly lectured, both nationally and in Michigan, on topics including Administrative Law, Medicare, Medicaid, Health Law and the impact of various laws on long term care providers. Mr. Lebenbom has been a popular speaker at the Wayne State University School of Law, University of Detroit School of Law, the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, the Health Care Association of Michigan, and numerous other organizations. Mr. Lebenbom has contributed articles to several prestigious legal journals, including the University of Michigan Law Review, as well as the Michigan Bar Journal, and many of his articles are still cited as authority today.

During his illustrious career David Lebenbom received numerous appointments to serve the State of Michigan, including being appointed the Chairman of the State Board of Canvassers, member of the Advisory Commission of Michigan Strategic Fund, Chairman of the Attorney Grievance Board, and Special Attorney for the Michigan Racing Commission.

In the 1960s David Lebenbom served as the Chairman of the Wayne County Democratic Committee, and in that capacity he provided counsel to people at all levels of the State and National Government from Presidents to Senators to Congressmen to Governors.

In 2003 Mr. Lebenbom received his Fifty Year Certificate from the State Bar of Michigan, acknowledging his long and distinguished career which continues to flourish. Mr. Lebenbom continues to represent our clients in dealing with Attorney General investigations, litigation, and numerous other areas affecting the long term care industry and his experience and knowledge provide LEBENBOM & ROTHMAN, P.C. with a unique perspective and resource which greatly benefits our clients.

Andrew Rothman, Principal

Andrew Rothman is a principal in the firm of Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C., in Troy, Michigan. The firm was founded by senior partner David Lebenbom and for more than fifty years has been legal counsel to the Health Care Association of Michigan. Mr. Rothman has also served as counsel to the Michigan Center for Assisted Living since its inception.

As HCAM counsel, Mr. Rothman has been active in representing the Associations interests in all areas, including regulation, drafting of legislation, and reimbursement.

For thirty years, Mr. Rothman has concentrated his practice in areas of the law concerning the long term care industry. Mr. Rothman represents numerous nursing and assisted living facilities, as well as many of the largest long term care provider companies in Michigan. His practice includes licensing and certification matters, litigation, reimbursement appeals, sales and purchases of facilities, collections, certificate of need, and employment discrimination defense. Mr. Rothman also represents health care practitioners in administrative licensing proceedings.

Mr. Rothman is a 1982 cum laude graduate of Wayne State University Law School and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the American Bar Association, and the Administrative and Health Law sections of the Bar. He has appeared before the United States 6th Circuit Court, the United States District Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and numerous circuit and probate courts, as well as administrative tribunals throughout the state. He has published articles on health care law and has appeared as a featured speaker in seminars and television programs focusing on issues of importance to the long term care industry.

Michael Lebenbom, Principal

Michael Lebenbom is a principal in the law firm of Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C. which has proudly served as legal counsel to the Health Care Association of Michigan for over 50 years. After grauduating from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1992, Mr. Lebenbom began representing the long term care industry throughout the State of Michigan. Mr. Lebenbom has appeared before the Federal Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals and numerous Circuit, District and administrative courts around the State of Michigan, including appearances before 57 different County Probate Courts across the State. In 2013 Mr. Lebenbom testified before the Michigan Senate concerning legislation allowing Guardians to authorize Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in the nursing home setting, under limited circumstances. Mr. Lebenbom was instrumental in the drafting and passing of this legislation.

Mr. Lebenbom represents the long term care industry in a wide variety of matters including: long term care collection matters; Medicaid eligibility issues; Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Decedent’s Estates; counseling assisted living facilities with regard to licensure investigations and unbundling procedures, State and Federal investigations and regulatory compliance; corporate and limited liability company law; employment litigation, and a host of other issues.

Mr. Lebenbom has given seminars at the prestigious Michigan Institute of Continuing Legal Education concerning Medicaid eligibility issues in the long term care setting and Mr. Lebenbom is a regular speaker for the Health Care Association of Michigan and Michigan Center for Assisted Living, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the long term care industry.

Vickie Burlew, R.N., L.N.H.A.

Ms. Burlew is a registered nurse and licensed nursing home administrator. She literally grew up in the business as her parents bought their first nursing home in Ohio on her third birthday. Her focus is applying the principles of Quality Assurance Performance Improvement to the challenges facing long term care homes from the managed care arena and the regulatory climate.

She teaches the subjects of leadership and regulation at the Michigan State University’s Nursing Home Administration Course. She has been actively involved in the culture change movement as a Certified Eden Associate, Education/Mentor and Guide. Vickie has co-created a curriculum on Leadership and is an active trainer for long-term care professionals on subjects ranging from personal and professional transformation and growth to regulatory issues and sustaining compliance for 20 years.

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