Michael J. Lebenbom


Michael Lebenbom is a principal in the law firm of Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C. which has proudly served as legal counsel to the Health Care Association of Michigan for over 50 years. After grauduating from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1992, Mr. Lebenbom began representing the long term care industry throughout the State of Michigan. Mr. Lebenbom has appeared before the Federal Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals and numerous Circuit, District and administrative courts around the State of Michigan, including appearances before 57 different County Probate Courts across the State. In 2013 Mr. Lebenbom testified before the Michigan Senate concerning legislation allowing Guardians to authorize Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in the nursing home setting, under limited circumstances. Mr. Lebenbom was instrumental in the drafting and passing of this legislation.

Mr. Lebenbom represents the long term care industry in a wide variety of matters including: long term care collection matters; Medicaid eligibility issues; Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Decedent’s Estates; counseling assisted living facilities with regard to licensure investigations and unbundling procedures, State and Federal investigations and regulatory compliance; corporate and limited liability company law; employment litigation, and a host of other issues.

Mr. Lebenbom has given seminars at the prestigious Michigan Institute of Continuing Legal Education concerning Medicaid eligibility issues in the long term care setting and Mr. Lebenbom is a regular speaker for the Health Care Association of Michigan and Michigan Center for Assisted Living, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the long term care industry.